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Weed Firm: Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Glitches, Page 3

15) Combine the vinyls with the time lapse cheat for a massive boost in experience points.
You should have 12 pots for this trick. Buy a ton of seeds and water, and then plant and water 12 seeds. Then set the time ahead to finish growing the weed immediately. Then go back to Weed Firm and play a vinyl. Then harvest, plant and water again. Repeat over and over until the vinyl stops playing.

14) Know which customers respond best to a joint or a bong, and which ones don’t.
Ultimator, Sandy, Naomi and Nancy respond well to both. Mike and Lee never respond well to the bong; they like the joints better. Bob responds far better to the bong. Ryan and Mary rarely respond well to either one, but they are slightly more likely to respond well to joints than bongs. Lucy responds spottily to either one. Same with Ian, though he typically likes the bong a bit better.

13) Purchase the customization upgrades to speed up the rate at which customers show up.
The wood floors are the first upgrade. The wallpaper is the second upgrade, while the lion wallpaper is the third upgrade that you can unlock. Each successive upgrade causes customers to show up to your door at a faster and faster rate, allowing you to make more money, and forcing you to grow more weed.

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12) Use the alien to your advantage for fast experience gains.
Build up a ton of weed, then when he comes to the door, sell it to him to gain experience points. You will earn 1 experience point for every 3 weed you sell to him. Plus, he gives you the option to spend 5 real life dollars in order to gain one experience level instantly.

11) Alternate methods of getting rid of the alien, the gangster and the cop.
Once you buy the gun from Mike, you can shoot the gangsters any time that they show up to the door, and you’ll earn cash. Once you hit level 11, buy the painting from Mary and tell him to piss off, and he will take the painting instead of your experience. Once you hit level 14, buy Sandy’s panties and tell the cop to piss off, and he’ll steal the panties without taking any of your pots. Buy the window blinds to heavily decrease the frequency of cop visits.

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