Weeder Match: Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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Weeder Match is a new iOS and Android game where your goal is to earn a ton of coins by knocking down all the weeds in a lawn. Of course, you get cool weapons to do this, such as ninja stars, and you can hire lawnmowers and other types of machinery to knock down the weeds as well. Read on for some tips, cheats, strategies, hints, and tricks for Weeder Match!

Your three main upgrades in this game are to your grass value, your mower, and your weapons. If you upgrade your grass value, then you earn more coin value per piece of grass that you knock down. Upgrade your mower, and it will mow faster, allowing you to beat levels quicker without actually doing anything. Upgrade your tapping, and you’ll knock down more grass per weapon that you fire off.

Tap on the purple balloon whenever you see it and want to get rid of grass quickly. When you do, an ad video will play, and when the video is done, weapons will fire off automatically and rapidly. These will blow through the current level instantly, so you can earn a ton of money.

When you come back after awhile you’ll be able to earn offline income, or triple your income by watching an ad video. The triple bonus is also there for random cash bonuses that you’ll find. Even if you don’t take the bonus, you’ll still have to watch part of a video, so you might as well take the big bonus and let the whole video play out.

Other ad bonuses are all over the place too, such as watching an ad video for a free spin, or watching an ad video for a free upgrade. If you turn off the data or play the game without an internet connection, you won’t have to see all of the involuntary ads, but all of the voluntary ads will disappear as well, so you want to play with an internet connection so that you can get all of the voluntary ads.

You can also change what weapon and what mower you use. The mower change will only modify the look, not the performance. Some weapons perform better than others, but you will have to experiment in order to figure out which are best. The Onmyoji, for instance, tends to cut through large amounts of grass when you use it.

Once you upgrade all three of the main upgrades to a specific level, you’ll have to upgrade your land in order to continue upgrading. This costs a ton of coins, but it’s also worth it, because you’ll be able to upgrade more, and you’ll earn far, far more money for all of the land that you cut weeds from.

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