Who Stole Me? – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Who Stole Me? Is a new match three game for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a game with a surprisingly unique concept – the only game like it right now on the App Store is LINE Disney Tsum Tsum. Essentially, you have balls falling down the screen almost as if it were a gumball machine (not all neat and orderly like Candy Crush) and your goal is to rescue the pets that are trapped inside. The more you rescue, the higher your score and the more stars you earn. Read on for some tips and tricks for Who Stole Me!

Being that you drag your finger across the balls, you can make as big of a combo as you want. You have a set number of moves that you can make no matter what, so make the largest matches possible for the highest scores. Plus, once you finish a stage, the leftover moves will then pop leftover bubbles to give you massive amounts of bonus pets.

You can earn special bubbles as a reward for knocking off combos of a certain size, or a certain shape. Knocking off eight bubbles in a row earns you a bomb bubble, which blows up the immediate surrounding ones. Knocking off ten or more bubbles earns you a rainbow bubble, which eliminates all bubbles of one color. Four bubbles in a square gives you a cross-clearing bubble which clears every bubble that’s immediately horizontal and vertical of it.

Six bubbles of the same color popped in a hexagon will give you free gems. This is only one way to earn free gems in this game. Others include logging onto Facebook, which earns you 20 free gems, but this is the most consistent method.

Mix your special bubbles together for huge effects. For example, mixing one bomb bubble and one cross clearing bubble will clear three rows horizontally and three rows across. Mixing two rainbow bubbles will blow up every single bubble on the screen. Mixing a rainbow and a bomb will turn all bubbles of one color into bombs.

Looking for Facebook friends who play the game? Look no further than the comment section of this post. In addition, you can search on the App Store or on Facebook groups for other people who have posted their info or you can post your own info, and once you and someone else add each other, you can send lives back and forth.