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Wild Tamer: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Wild Tamer is a new 2D action-RPG for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to catch, tame, and hunt wild animals. You play as the anonymous druid, and using your crew of animals, explore the entire map, earn coins and gems and other resources, and complete quests. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wild Tamer!

Up at the top right corner of your screen is one of the most important things you’ll see: the map. The map will tell you where you are and show you what areas you still have to explore. If you’re having trouble finding new animals, find the dark spots on the map and you’ll eventually find the new animals as well, so that you can either catch them or hunt them.

Look out for other features on the map besides the druid house. The warp points will allow you to save a ton of time by teleporting to any area on the map that you’ve already visited. The healing well allows your druid to regain his or her health in exchange for watching an ad video. You’ll also often find rocks full of gems, which can then be broken to earn rewards.

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You can buy new equipment using bones and other materials, or you can upgrade your current equipment using gems. One perk of upgrading equipment with coins is that your animals will also receive an upgrade in their attack or their hit points, depending on if you upgrade a weapon or a hat. If you purchase a brand new weapon or hat, your health and attack will skyrocket, but your animal bonus will go back down to the beginning level (5%) until you do more upgrades to your new weapon.

Level up your animals, too, using the bottom-right corner shop of the druid house. Combined with the percentage bonuses from upgrading your weapon and armor, upgrading your animals will make them extremely powerful and make it easier for you to stand away from enemies and let your animals do the dirty work. This will allow you to make far longer runs and survive for longer periods of time.

You can unlock a new map once you complete the current map. To complete the current map, explore it all, go from teleportation point to teleportation point, knock off every animal you find, then find the boss and defeat it too. The maps are gigantic and they take a long time, because there’s much to do in every level. Constantly catch better and better animals until you have the most powerful animals in your entire map, and remember every animal’s location so that you can return at will.


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