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Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade is a new cartoonish cowboy-themed idle game for the iOS and Android platforms. In this world you dig into mines, hire cowboys to work them for resources such as ore, gold, and wood. Additionally, there are RPG battle elements, with your cowboys engaging in gun battles against other cowboys, both player-controlled and computer controlled. Plus, you can use your resources to fill orders like in a farming/crafting game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade!

You start off the game by expanding your mine and filling it up with cowboys; after that, there’s a few easy ways to go for upgrades. Upgrade your cowboys by either hitting the green up arrow button, or by tapping the profile of the cowboy. Upgrading via the green up arrow is a giant pain because you can only do one level at a time, and it’s extremely slow to sync when you do, but tap the profile and you can upgrade multiple times in one move, which is far quicker and more convenient. And at a maxed-out level, you can promote them, too, to send them back to level 1 but increase their star rarity.

Upgrading your cowboys is not only important for the mines, but also for the duels. The duels pit your team against an equally-sized rival team, so if all of your cowboys are not in use, make sure that your strongest cowboys are the ones doing the battling. Fire as rapidly as possible, but always make sure to fire a shot inside the critical line every time that you pass it (the red line). Don’t miss it or you’ll do far less damage and have a higher shot at losing. Use the cowboys’ special abilities, too, for added damage done, and be sure to heal them when they need it and when you can.

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Hit the order board to fulfill orders, gain experience levels, and make it through the insanely-long tutorial. Make this the first place you go when you come back from a long period of being offline, because you’ll have plenty of resources to use. Initially, you have the junior order board, and then later on you’ll have the food order board. Right next to the order board is the ore fusion station, where you can fuse minerals into better minerals for more lucrative orders.

The duel area is divided into four different types of battles. The Adventure Mode is probably the easiest one, with battles getting progressively harder as you make it to different levels. Arena mode is where you get matched up against other players, with the difficulty depending on your own rank and experience in prior battles. League is similar but with comparative rankings and rewards. Trials is the toughest computer-controlled battle. Play Adventure Mode and make it through the levels to gradually unlock the other three modes.

Hit the Western Shop often after you unlock it in order to purchase useful items. Rare eggs are a valuable item as they let you upgrade your cowboys, speed-ups are available in here, and so are other rare and valuable items. The store refreshes once per day, although you can refresh it on your own if you want to do that, too. You’ll have to pay for the privilege though.