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Will It Crush? (iOS/Android) – Top Tips, Cheats, Upgrades and Cash Guide, Page 2

Once you hit level 20 or so, your maximum offline earnings will skyrocket massively compared to before level 20. This is when you can use the offline time lapse cheat to really load up on the cash so that you can speed through the upgrades. Of course, at some point you’ll have to increase levels to continue on, but you’ll be better prepared to blast through the levels this way.

Once you do all of the upgrades that you need to do, take your phone and turn off auto-sleep if it’s enabled, and set the game active for awhile, putting your phone down and charging it if you need to in the process. Check back in about five to ten minutes or so, hit the level-up button, and then set the phone down again and wait for the next level.

After the latest update to the game, now the bonuses are on a timer. Tap the bonus button and the result is still the same; you sell the rare minerals, and you can take the prize or watch an advertisement video in order to double the reward. Typically, the bonus will be higher than a level-up bonus, but lower than most offline income bonuses.

If you want to earn money quickly while you’re waiting for your level-up, hit the big booster, and then hit the regular booster immediately afterwards. You’ll get 6x the income for one minute, and then 3x income for the next two minutes after that. Keep watching the videos, or set the phone down and do something else, depending on how much time you want to spend on it.

At specific levels, you’ll unlock additional upgrades to your Tooths and to the reducer. Make sure that you have enough money stashed away so that you can buy both of these upgrades immediately, as these will not only earn you a ton of additional income, but speed along the progress with which you gain levels over time.

If you’re really motivated to cheat, you can always hack the game and increase your level. The top two people in the global score sheet right now are blatant score hackers, as they’re at or near 1,000, while the next people down are just over level 100.

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