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Wind Rider: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Wind Rider is a new iOS and Android game by Voodoo where you fly in a wingsuit, race against other wingsuit riders, and try to earn as much money as possible. That money can be used to upgrade your wingsuit, make you faster, and get you earning even more money because of that. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wind Rider!

Riskier flying leads to more money. When you fly close to objects, you’ll see money earnings icons pop up from your character. To earn the most money possible, fly at least somewhat riskily and close to objects. An easy way to do this is to fly close to the ground, fly through tunnels, or fly with one wing extremely close to a surface for awhile.

Flying through hoops is how you fly quickly enough to win a game. Scout out the map to see how many hoops there are, or if you aren’t in first place, follow the people ahead of you to find all of the hoops. Fly through them, and you’ll get a speed boost; fly through as many of them as possible to win first place.

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On top of that, finishing in either first or third place multiplies your earnings significantly. If you finish in first place, you will end up with ten times the winnings. Second place earns you five times the winnings, while third places earns you three times the winning. Anything below that, and there is no multiplier.

Spread your upgrades around between the max speed, speed up, and money earning. Max speed will increase the maximum speed that you can reach right after going through a hoop (or multiple hoops). Speed Up boosts your acceleration. Money Earning boosts, of course, how much money you earn. This applies to both offline and online earnings.

Be sure to always have an internet connection when you play the game. When you earn a lot of money, you’ll be able to watch an ad video in exchange for winning 2x the money that you earned. When you come back from being offline for awhile, you will have plenty of coins waiting for you as well, so when you open the game after being gone for awhile, make sure that you have some form of internet connection, whether it be 4G, 3G, or wifi.