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Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm Strain Guide – How to unlock every strain, get dank and fire weed, and load up on jars

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm is a new idle business management game similar to Farm Away! for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to use weed to make money in the forms of cash and coins, as well as to earn gems. Go a little deeper and you can unlock new strains of weed, as well as rarer versions of every strain – first regular, then mids, then dank, and finally fire weed. This goes for the cookies, shatter, bong machines, and other various implements that you can unlock also. Read on for tips and cheats to unlock massive amounts of jars, new strains, and better versions of every strain!

You have video offers hidden inside of the LED lights and the stereo system that allow you to unlock 2x multipliers whenever you access them. The one inside of the LED lights lasts 4 hours, while the one inside of the stereo system only lasts for 20 seconds. You can extend them an unlimited amount of times, too, just by watching more and more videos. There is more to the surface than just the multipliers, though.

Every time that you watch a video, you earn one jar. That goes for both of the multiplier videos, as well as the videos that you watch when you want to send your weed to the dispensary early. So watch videos over and over, and you earn jars every time. You can keep watching videos forever as long as you have a good connection, and if the game says that they have run out, restart the game and the videos will usually come back.

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So open all of these jars when you finish, and you’ll be bombarded with new strain pieces. You will unlock not only brand new strains, but better versions of your current strains with multipliers. Regular is 200%, mids is 300%, dank is 400% and fire is 500%, so it majorly pays to keep unlocking these.

Even better is that all of the duplicate strain tiles have a good use to them as well. While they won’t count towards the multiplier, each of your duplicate strain tiles will give you three free gems. This doesn’t quite sound like much at first, but they add up in a big way, giving you hundreds and hundreds of gems and allowing you to unlock the multiplier purchases for free.

You can get jars in other ways too, such as spending gems or cash for them, but why spend when you can watch short videos all day and earn tons of free jars, strains, upgrades and gems? Plus, you get a few jars whenever you send weed to the dispensary, regardless of whether you do it early or do it on time.