Wooparoo Mountain – Breeding Chart – List of all Wooparoo breeding and summoning combinations

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Wooparoo Mountain is one of those pet raising games that got so popular after Dragon City and DragonVale made it big. Like those games, Wooparoo Mountain contains loads of animals, called Wooparoos, that you can breed, from the common ones of one element, to the rare ones. Read on for the full breeding chart on how to get every single monster in Wooparoo Mountain!

The first thing to keep in mind is that all of these refer to the element listed, not any specific monsters that can be used in the breed, and that’s because those should be easy enough to figure out. Pick a forest monster and an earth monster to get a forest + earth monster, in this case Muddie or Vinal. It can get a bit more complex when your goal is to get a rare monster or a three-element monster, though, but it’s all down to trial and error, not any specific monster of a certain element.

Fori = Forest + Forest
Moler = Earth + Earth
Fircoon = Fire + Fire
Frostle = Ice + Ice
Chirpie = Thunder + Thunder
Hydroar = Water + Water
Drakee = Wind + Wind

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Muddie = Earth + Forest
Vinal = Earth + Forest
Lillady = Fire + Earth
Cranne = Fire + Forest
Prinne = Fire + Forest
Hedgie = Ice + Earth

Fenroor = Ice + Fire
Yuni = Ice + Forest
Gongon = Earth + Thunder
Fluffie = Thunder + Fire
Pepe = Thunder + Fire
Monkiroo = Ice + Thunder
Batty = Ice + Thunder

Cancan = Thunder + Wind
Ray = Light + Light
Shadow = Dark + Dark
Goldie = Gold + Gold (more for these three on the next page)
Molly = Ice + Water
Betsy = Water + Fire

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