Wooparoo Mountain – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Wooparoo Mountain is a new creature-raising game for the iOS and Android platforms. Like games such as DragonVale, you get to raise all kinds of creatures of many different elements, and your goal is to build your little monster home into a big, powerful magical forest loaded with creatures known as Wooparoos. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wooparoo Mountain!

As you gain experience levels, you will increase your maximum number of Wooparoo habitats, so when it comes time to choose which ones to build, it’s recommended to go for the ones that earn you the most maximum Mana Orbs such as the earth habitat. Fill these up and you’ll be able to earn tons of Mana Orbs without even playing the game, overnight, or what have you. The grass habitats, not so much. Fire habitats are good ones as well, though they are more expensive.

If you run out of space in your territory but you don’t have enough Mana Orbs to expand yet and you have already cleared out all of the trees and rocks, the next best thing to do is to sell all of your decorations, such as the dirt roads and all of the stuff that you’ve build in order to unlock achievements. Then crowd your buildings closer together and closer to the edge of your territory rather than in the middle, and you will find yourself making a lot more room.

Work towards completing both the quests and the achievements, as these are the two fastest methods in the game when it comes to earning experience points and Mana Orbs, and often they are a really quick way to earn food as well. To earn free Gems, start adding friends using the social tab and send gems and boosts to as many people as possible. People can send you free gems as well, and if you are generous, they are more likely to be generous in return.

You should never need to purchase rare Wooparoos from the store. Use the Woopacross to breed any two Wooparoos who are level four and above and you’ll earn a rare crossbreed Wooparoo. You can tell immediately if it will be a rare one by how long they take to breed, and/or how long the egg takes to hatch after it’s laid.

Pay attention to any limited edition events that are going on within the game, as they can provide some of the best means of earning free gems, mana, food, and rare Wooparoos. Currently, for example, the rare Phoenix is available to earn, and there’s a chance it might never show up again after this event is done.