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Word Morph: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Word Morph is a new endless word-making game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to take one word, and to transform it into another word, and to keep doing that until the timer runs out, or until you run out of possible words that you can make. You can do words between three and seven letters long, with or without a timer, depending on your preferred style of play. Read on for some tips and tricks for Word Morph!

One major cheat in this game is that if you play the game for the first time while you are in 1x (rather than 3G, LTE or working WiFi), after Game Center activates, you will have 99 coins instead of the usual 5 coins. That means that you can buy literally EVERYTHING, right off the bat. All word modes, relax mode, and a ton of power ups. You won’t need to grind for them. If you missed your shot, delete the game and then download it again.

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You can not repeat a word more than once, but always try to look for the easiest way to make multiple words at once. Try to think between 1 word ahead and three words ahead at all times and plan out your next words, so that you can beat the timer.

If you are having a hard time in timer mode, play in relax mode. Unlock relax mode first before you unlock any of the longer word modes, because those modes are tougher, and the more letters you are dealing with, the harder it is to find matching words. Relax mode will help you practice, train your brain to think of words more quickly, and especially give you time to think of long word matches.

You will have to tap down a little bit hard so that you can get the game to register a tap on a letter. If it does not register immediately, then start double tapping all of your letters, or tap, hold, and then move. If you miss a tap, then you’ll lose a whole lot more quickly because you will run out of time faster.

You have a number of power ups that you can spend coins on, but don’t use them if you are not in direct competition with either your friends or with people on Game Center and Google Play. Build up as many coins as you can, and then use the coins for the play modes if you don’t want to do the 1x cheat or if the cheat doesn’t work on the Android version (so far it has only been tested on iPhone).