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WordBrain Themes – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

WordBrain Themes is the new word game from the makers of the original WordBrain. Like that one, this one has you trying to convert a big block of letters into actual words, but this time, the words are organized into themed sets of puzzles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wordbrain Themes for the iOS and Android platforms!

The words start off easy, but they tend to get more and more difficult as you get further and further down, because you’ll have more and more letters, and more and more words that you have to make out of the letters. Don’t use your hints early on, on easy words. Save them for the harder puzzles, as they will be much more difficult to figure out.

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On the harder puzzles with multiple words, you can clear words in any order that you want to. Try to find one word at a time – think of a word that matches the theme, that fits one of the given letter counts for the word. You might end up having to redo it depending on if you swiped words in the right order, but at least you know what words to go for even if you have to redo it.

If you run out of hints, you have to purchase them through the in-app purchase store in the game, using real-life money. You can get free hints a couple of different ways, though. One of them is to log into Facebook through the game and share your progress – you will get ten hints if you do this. The other is to complete puzzles and puzzle sets within the game for bonus hints as a reward.

If you have multiples of the same letter in puzzles (which you will), and your first attempt at matching all of the words leaves you stuck, restart and try to match words using different repeat letters on the board. Look outside of the box and figure out combinations that seem unusual at first. Unusual combinations can often give you the right positioning to match the next set of letters.

Usually, word combinations will relate to each other or fit in a sentence somehow. Other times, though, it will just be random combinations of words thrown together in the puzzle, which can make it much tougher to figure out. Still, if you get one word and can’t figure out the other word, think of an instance in which your matched word fits with another related word, and then try it if the letters match.