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World of Warriors: Duel – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Win, and Strategy Guide

World of Warriors: Duel is a new game in the rapidly growing series of iOS games by Mind Candy Ltd. The goal is to tap as quickly as you can RIGHT after the word “fight” appears on the screen. Do this endlessly and knock as many warriors as you can off of their perch, so that you yourself can earn more warriors. Read on for some tips and tricks for World of Warriors: Duel!

You will have three pop ups on the screen when the fight begins. The first will say ready, the second will say steady, then the third will say fight. Once fight hits, tap as quickly as you can. Have more than one finger at the ready. For some reason, having at least two at the ready provides yo uwith a little bit of an extra boost.

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The farther you go, the more coins that you get, even if you did not break your own record. Every so often, too, you’ll get a bonus treasure (every half an hour or so) after you finish the level, so play and lose again in order to collect it. Typically it will be worth 500 coins each.

Watching an advertisement video will net you 250 coins in one shot, and there is nearly an unlimited supply of videos. Between all of the video watching, all of the bonus collecting, and actually knocking off a whole lot of warriors every time you play, it’s very easy to rack up a large number of coins in one sitting.

There is no advantage to play as one warrior instead of the other warrior, so all that the new warriors offer is a differnet look for the game. Currently there are a total of thirty warriors in the game. Watch out for more to be added to the game over time though, especially as more World of Warriors games release.

Take a break from the game after you have played for awhile. The combination of playing for awhile, then taking a break and not looking at the game for awhile, will increase your “fight” reflexes rapidly and enable you to go a whole lot further into the game.