World of Warriors – How to get more wildstones, honor stones (blue gems) and gold, page 2

You can get more honor stones by completing offers for them. To find the offer wall, go to the temple screen, and then go to the icon on the left side that says “Get more” with pictures of gold, wildstone and honor stones all in the picture. Tap it and the offer wall screen will pop up. Most of them will be free; however, some of them will require some kind of payment to make the offer complete.

The same thing as above is also true for earning wildstone, although you earn less per offer than you do with honor stones. Still, there are plenty of free offers that you can complete, and then you can earn free wildstone – enough to get multiple super-rare warriors, in fact.

Go to the Tapjoy website to look for even more offers for this game, all of which involve downloading and installing different apps in order to earn more wildstone or honor stones in this game (depending on what is available). Right now the portion of the wall is broken but once it starts working it will contain loads of offers that cannot be shown on the game itself.

Typically, the ones that are completely free and can be earned quickly without any forms of sign ups are ones that say “Complete a quick action” or “Get more information”. The honor stone offer wall will have videos that you can watch for instant honor stone, and these reload after a short amount of time.

Go to the tower and get as high as you can, and earn as many points as you can. The more points that you earn and the higher the rank that you attain, the better your rewards. Ranks 1 through 9999 will earn you wildstone as a reward, although the higher the tier that you finish in, the higher the level of wildstone. Finishing in rank 5,000 through 9,999 will earn you some honor stones.

You can earn honor stone randomly in normal battles. Look in the treasure chests that are hidden behind gates, as well, as these can often contain wildstone and sometimes honor stone.

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