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World of Warriors is an addicting new mobile character collection RPG for the iOS and Android that lets you collect countless cartoony representations of real life warriors from ages past. There are three main currencies in this game. Honor stones are the blue gems, while wildstones are the extremely rare red gems. Gold, of course, is the primary currency of the game. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get more of all three in World of Warriors!

One of the ways to get more honor stones (and the only way if you are Forever Alone) is to complete various achievements. This earns you some free wildstones, too, depending on the achievements – usually these ones are more difficult to pull off than the honor stone achievements. As you unlock achievements, go back here to collect your rewards.

A way to get free wildstones is to do the following (at least until the glitch is patched). Use all of your meat, then do another battle and a tutorial will appear. The trainer will give you a wildstone. Now close the app (don’t minimize it, close it) and open it back up and you will still have that wildstone. Repeat and repeat and repeat until you get that energy back. You can get unlimited wildstone this way.

Wanna get more gold? The main way to do so is through battles. Go back to old battles and you will be able to play them again (this is only after you beat the tutorial levels, otherwise it won’t let you go to the old battles when you try to do it). Play them to farm for gold – or go to the tower. The higher you get, the more gold you will earn.

On Saturdays, go to the portal and play it as often as you can in order to earn a ton of gold. These are the days when gold is the special. Also, in the tower, the higher you go, the better your chances of not only earning a ton of gold, but also of earning wildstone or honor stones in exchange.

To get more honor stones, you need to be logged into Facebook. Then, add Facebook friends in the game if you don’t have any (you can find them in the comments of this article or in the Add Me section of the World of Warriors forum). You and them can send honor stones back and forth every day.

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