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World of Warriors Quest – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

World of Warriors Quest is a spinoff of the hit World of Warriors, by Mind Candy Limited for the iOS and Android platforms. This game takes the familiar historical fighters of the original and puts them into a story mode, with Shining Force-style gameplay in short spurts, and all kinds of power ups that add to the strategy behind the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for World of Warriors Quest!

Try to keep your characters relatively close together most of the time. If you have a faster character, keep him slightly behind until the slower ones can catch up. Just make sure that they all have room to attack everyone that they can, so that you are not wasting turns.

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Another strategy is to send out a speedy character, such as the ninja, and have them pick off some of the weaker enemies in the level. He can also pull off good hit and run attacks due to the movement range (especially if given the winged boots). His early attacks can keep a lot of the defensive burden off of your slower warriors.

If you keep losing at a level no matter what your strategy is, then go back to older levels and start grinding for experience points. Experience will be shared base on who participated how much in each battle, so spread the attacks around so that your weaker characters and your stronger characters can both level up. Or attack primarily with your weaker ones if you tryst that they can stay alive throughout the battle.

Use your special attack potions heavily when enemies are clustered together, as these potions allow you to do group damage. Aim them just right so that you can knock out three or more enemies at a time, and combine them with the damage-doubling power up to do IMMENSE amounts of damage all at once.

With your long range attackers, keep an eye out for pieces of the field that you can use to your advantage. If you can shoot around a pillar or a wall, then you can do massive amounts of damage and take very little damage of your own, especially if you are using long-range attackers (such as the Ninja) to beat up on short range melee fighters.