World of Warriors – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 2

You can tap to collect anything that pops up on the screen during a battle, such as gold, mana or hearts. Make sure to avoid the bombs though. They look like black spike balls and when you hit them, they will take away your health, so avoid them. For everything else, you can either tap or swipe to collect – swiping is always faster, usually.

If you see something besides these items, though, they will be goods that you can use for the crafting of talismans. Talismans can be equipped by two-star or better warriors and will give you a statistic boost for that warrior, so make sure to save them for the toughest battles because they only have a limited amount of uses.

Go to the temple if you want to find more warriors, tokens, talismans and scrolls and other stuff. The honor door will earn you more blue stones, or honor gems. Spend ten gems at the door of epics and you are guaranteed an epic, legendary or super rare hero to use as your fighter.

Get onto Facebook and start adding friends, and you can give honor stones back and forth with them. If you don’t have any friends on Facebook who play the game you can add some by going to the app store review pages or Facebook fan pages or on the comment section of this article, look for “add me” posts, and then add the people who post them. Or you can just invite your current friends.

This is especially important for when you want to get more wildstones to open gates, since the game likes to throw walls up in your face. Go to the achievements to earn more wildstones. Many achievements involve collecting more warriors of one element, so send honor stones back and forth with your friends and then go to the temple and spend them until you collect more warriors.

After training a hero to their maximum level, the next upgrade will be up to the next star level, which will cause their experience level to drop back to zero. Every fighter can be upgraded all the way up to the maximum star tier of seven stars, which means sky high rarity, so pick your favorite hero and do this and you will be able to use them forever without worrying about them not being strong enough to continue.

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