World of Warriors – Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

15) Get more Honor Stones (the blue gems) by connecting to Facebook.
You can earn quite a few of them in battles, but if you really want to load up, you are going to have to go to Facebook and find other people who play the game. If you have friends on your friend list who play, then you and they will be able to send each other Honor Stones daily.

14) How to find more Facebook connections who play the game:
There are a few places that you can look. For one, you can always check the comment section of any article about the game, either on this site or on other sites. Otherwise, go to Facebook and look for fan groups or go to the official World of Warriors forum and look for the Add Me thread.

13) Use the blue gems (Honor Stones) at the honor gate.
Go to the Honor Gate and you can open it for five Honor Stones. Either a Talisman, a Potion, a scroll of some kind or a new warrior will come out. The new warriors seem to be fairly rare, but keep on opening it and you will find a warrior eventually. Even if you don’t find a warrior the first time around, the other stuff is still valuable.

12) Get Wildstones and honor stones using the TapJoy offer wall.
To find this, go to the temple and then hit the “get more” button on the left side. You’ll be taken to a dual offer wall. One of the walls will be for Wildstone, which are the red gems and which is the premium currency of the game. The other, of course, will be for honor stones, and the honor stone wall will also contain ad videos that you can watch to earn more.

11) Go to to find even more of these offers.
The ones at will involve downloading and running apps from the App Store, which are not allowed to be shown inside of the in-app offer walls, but which usually are more lucrative as far as in-game currency goes.

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