World of Warriors – Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies

World of Warriors is the smash hit new RPG for the iOS and Android that has been featured in Apple’s top new apps for two weeks in a row, which is an extremely rare feat. Your goal is to take a whole group of fighters based upon actual, historical fighters from around the world and from different eras, and battle your way to the end of the Wildlands in an effort to take out whoever sent you there. Read on for the top twenty tips and tricks for World of Warriors!

20) Match up fighters against each other based on element.
There are four different colors that your fighters can be. You can either have red, blue, yellow or green. Red beats green, green beats yellow, yellow beats blue, and blue beats red. Keep this in mind, especially when it comes to the special attacks for each fighter, and you can always put yourself at an elemental advantage.

19) Run out of stamina? Here’s a way to get it back right away without having to wait.
All that you have to do to regain your two forms of stamina – meat or booze – is to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet. How much you need to set it ahead depends on how much you need to recover. Once you set the time ahead, go back to the game and you will have all of your energy back. Warning, though, you will lose it again when you set the time back to normal.

18) Master the timing of attacks and special moves.
You have to time it right and stop the bar or the double-circle meter in the right place in order to execute a perfect attack. The better your attack grade, the more damage that you will do, or if it’s a healing special move, the more hit points you’ll restore to your crew.

17) Put at least one healer in your party.
There are no healing potions in the game, so you are going to have to use characters with healing spells to recover health points to your characters. Your best bet is to use a character that can heal all three of your party members at a time, but even if they can only heal one at a time, that’s still a major boost to your troops.

16) Use the time lapse cheat to speed up the training of your party members.
This works the exact same way as speeding up the recovery of your stamina, except for part about setting the time back to normal. Go back to the Home Camp and collect your warrior who has been in training, then go back to the date and time settings and set your time back to normal. Now go back to the game and the trained warrior will still be trained.

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