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World Zombination – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

World Zombination is two games in one. If you play as the infected, it’s a tower assault game like Royal Revolt 2, and if you play as the survivors, it’s a tower defense game. Either way, your goal here is to stop the other side from prevailing, and since this is PvP, you play plenty of games against the other side in an effort to prevail against them. Read on for some tips and tricks for World Zombination!

Whether you play as one side or the other, it’s good to have different types of units that complement each other. For instance, when you are playing as the survivors, your firefighters can absorb damage and attack at close range, while your shooters, which have weaker defense, stand behind them and fire, and the paramedics can heal the rest of whoever is crowded at their station.

Upgrade your units in order to power them up. Always have some sort of training going on. Training requires supplies or DNA, of course, so collect supplies or DNA, complete campaigns and raid other players to earn more supplies, and upgrade your collectors. Pick your best and most useful troops to do this with – this will differ, of course, depending on your battling style, so there is no one right answer for which troops to upgrade first.

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Want to play as both the Infected and the Survivors? You can do so easily. Simply go to the settings, then create an account. Not only will you be able to set up accounts as both of these, you will also be able to sync other devices, meaning that the same accounts will show up on whatever you link up, or if you want to transfer an account from an old phone or a new phone, you will be able to do so.

Looking for a guild to join? Aside from joining factions with your friends, coworkers or whatever, be sure to hit the global chat and look for people who are promoting new guilds. Join a guild and you will be able to go on guild raids and earn special rewards, as well as chat with your guildmates. You can join a different guild when you switch to the other faction, as well.

Change your battle strategy depending on the layout of your opponent’s city, and simply to figure out what works. Be ready to change your location and your strategy on the fly. If you are the infected, keep an eye on where the survivors are building up, and if you are the survivors, shift your troop concentration and each station’s rally point to cope with zombie attacks from all angles.