Wreck Em Racing – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Wreck Em Racing is a new top-down indie racing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is simply to race and win using one of many chassis and vehicle bodies, collect junk and scrap, and then use it to buy more upgrades and race even more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wreck Em Racing!

None of the stuff that you can purchase (aside from the weapons) actually make any difference in the performance of your vehicle or how you will do in the race overall. All that you can buy is different vehicles bodies (such as van, truck, etc). You have all of the chassis to choose from right when you begin the game.

Each chassis has its own advantage and disadvantages. The fastest by far is the drag racer, but you’re going to have to focus in order to handle it correctly. Start your turns earlier and drift into each turn, and with the real tight hairpin turns, hit the brakes first to slow down into the turn.

Junk is much easier to earn in normal mode than in easy mode. If you finish in last place in normal mode, you will earn 5 junk, but finish last in easy mode and you will earn 1 junk, and then 7 junk if you finish in first place. You can earn junk over 40 for first place in normal mode.

If you want to earn junk quickly, race in dash mode, because that’s only one lap. You’ll earn the same amount of junk whether you play in sprint or dash mode, no matter how many laps you run and no matter how many opponents you have in a specific race.

Use the options to customize the game. If you are on a slow device, put the graphics to low so that it will run more smoothly. You can also zoom in or out in order to see the track better. Also, complete the offers that the game gives you in order to earn either free junk or free scrap.