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Wrecky Ball – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Wrecky Ball is a hilariously bizarre game by the developers of the hugely popular Smashy Road: Wanted. This game combines graphics similar to Crossy Road with the premise of a game like Blast Corps (the old N64 building destroyer), with your goal being to destroy as many buildings as possible without hitting the sheep, falling in the water, or smashing your car. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wrecky Ball!

Your goal is to survive as long as possible, but with so many obstacles, it’s a bit tough to do. Stay away from the sheep and the water, and if you run your car into a building, it will blow up. Hit a sheep and you lose points. Pick up all of the cash that you see lying around on the ground, as you can use that cash to later get new cars and other goodies.

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There are additional methods of earning cash that are much quicker, as well. You get a free cash gift at random intervals, usually consisting of 80-120 cash. Other times, a button offering you to “earn cash” will come up, and if you press it, an advertisement video will play and you will earn coins, usually 20-40 coins per pop.

Each vehicle has its own look and its own style of wrecking ball. Some of them will even change the graphics a little bit. The gameplay will be the same no matter which vehicle you use, though. Vehicles are either common, rare, epic or legendary, organized by how rarely they show up in the gacha. Generally, their performance is the same, unlike in Smashy Road: Wanted.

Hit everything you can for more points. The trees are worth 2 points each, and the buildings are worth five points each. You’ll earn points just for staying alive as well, one point for every second that you are on the road. Pick up clocks to extend your time left on the stage or else your time will eventually run out.

An easy way to destroy buildings is to start spinning/doing donuts, and letting the ball swing around behind you. Stay in the donut, and if you miss a building, then adjust your position slightly until you hit the building with the ball. The bigger the ball that your car is towing, the easier it is to target buildings. Also, if you see a star fall out of a building, grab it and you’ll activate invincibility and super speed for awhile.