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WWE Immortals: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

WWE Immortals is the half-crazed brainchild of NetherRealm Studios, and is what happens when you ask imaginations to run wild. Basically, you’re in a world that’s suspiciously similar to Mortal Kombat’s NetherRealm, with popular WWE fighters transformed into semi-supernatural superheroes (and villains) with fantastical moves. Read on for some tips and tricks for WWE Immortals!

Fighting is best done defense first, with offense fitting in as you can. You can either do a light or a heavy combo, the first being done with taps and the latter being done with swipes. Beforehand, though, block until you get a good opening to attack. Then unleash one of your combos. The quicker you notice an opening, the better – If you wait too long to attack you might end up getting hit first.

Ignore the light combo, generally, as not only does it do less overall damage even when you hit the swipe, but the swipe is very difficult to hit in time. Focus on the heavy combo instead. And be sure to account for speed differences, which aren’t in the stats but vary from character to character. For example, Trish Stratus is a fast attacker but The Big Show is a slow attacker.

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There is no cheat in this game to get your energy back, so your best bet is to instead purchase cards so that you can have more fighters. Level them up quickly by including one new card at a time in your battles, along with your regular high-level cards, which will do a majority of the fighting. Try to save up for silver and gold character cards as these ones are the most powerful.

Be sure to upgrade wisely. In addition to grinding for level ups the old fashioned way, spend your coins to upgrade your characters. You can level up the special attacks, as well as purchase gear cards. Gear cards will apply a boost to the base stats of specific fighters, and these boosts grow every time that the character levels up.

Use your special attacks as often as possible in battle. There is no point in saving them unless you are one or two strong or weak punches away from a knockout, in which case, use them immediately when the next fighter gets tagged in (but only after blocking their initial attack, as the AI almost always attacks after a tag-in).