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WWE Mayhem – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

WWE Mayhem is a new fighting/wrestling game for the iOS and Android platforms where you can play as your favorite wrestling superstars. Your goal is to progress from season to season and do battle against various stars past and present, from Stone Cold Steve Austin and DX to Breezango and The New Day. Read on for some tips and tricks for WWE Mayhem!

You have three types of basic attacks that you can do. The jab is done by tapping, the swipe is medium-strength, and the charge attack is your full-strength and unleashes one of your special attacks. Try to land the charge as much as possible; it can’t be strung at the end of a combo of the other attacks, so only use the other attacks to knock health off of the other wrestler until you’re ready to land the charge attack.

Oftentimes, the charge attack is bizarrely easier to land than the special attacks. The special attacks are very easy to reverse if the other wrestler has one special attack notch in their arsenal, so wait until they use a special attack and then use your own special attack as a reversal. Either that, or use your own special attacks to reverse theirs. There are no counter-reversals in this game.

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There are numerous ways to upgrade each wrestler, but the main one is to use a combination of cash and upgrade materials in order to add to your wrestler’s power. As the levels increase, you’ll have to use more and more upgrade materials to get the stat upgrade going, so start upgrading the highest-powered wrestler that you have from level 1 in order to rack up the power at high speed.

As you make your way through the story mode, you’ll gain player levels which are completely separate from wrestler levels. Player levels will unlock new goodies for you as you gain them. At level 3, you’ll unlock a new versus mode that allows you to battle it out against other players. At level 5, you’ll unlock the event mode, which allows you to unlock limited-time events for greater rewards.

Once you start a new season, you’ll be able to choose difficulty level. The higher the difficulty, the better the prize, but the more of a pain in the ass each level will be. Considering that healing supplies show up once every four hours or so, it could end up taking you awhile to make your way through a difficult season, and picking the easy rounds might be more worth it if loot is what you care most about.