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If you have credits, you can use them to purchase new cards of varying rarities. The regular pick, which costs 50 credits, will get you a card rarity based on your current deck tier, so the higher your deck level, the rarer your card will be. A superstar pack will be random, common to epic, for 100 credits. The six pack costs 500 credits for six random common-to-epic superstar cards. Finally, the epic pack will earn you one epic to legendary card, for a massive 2,500 credits.

While the regular pick (the one that costs 50 credits) doesn’t seem too advantageous, since it won’t earn you a higher rarity than what’s already in your deck, it is EXTREMELY effective for winning in King of the Ring mode. This is because if you have a rare deck, you can get more rare cards so that you can fill all 8 superstar and 2 diva slots with rare cards.

You have a tier bar that you can fill in the King of the Ring area as well. Just like with the exhibition deck, this will determine the strength of the cards that you can earn in the King of the Ring mode. For example, fill the bar past Rare and you will unlock the ability to earn Super Rare cards, all the way up to the vaunted Legendary++ cards for the very top tiers in the game.

To ensure that you win the King of the Ring mode, you will want to play the most trained and the most combined cards that you have, so that you have maximum strength per tier. Also, you’ll want to put in so much of a certain rarity that they just barely keep from filling the bar, so that you knock yourself down to the lower tier, for a better shot at winning the championship or coming in second place.

Also, be aware that each wrestler has multiple tier cards in place. For example, you can get common versions of Triple H, who is a bona fide superstar, as well as uncommon, rare, super rare, epic and legendary tiers. So if your only goal is just to get all of your favorite wrestlers, you won’t need to worry about card rarities.

There are even tiers to the boost cards that you can get. Play the rarest support cards that you can find in order to have the biggest positive effect on your deck or the biggest negative effect on your opponent’s deck.

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