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WWE Tap Mania – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

WWE Tap Mania is proof of the mobile-gaming version of Rule 34 – “If someone has thought of it, there is a clicker game for it”. This game is a new clicker starring the superstars past and present of the WWE. Your goal is to tap to beat rival wrestlers, battle the bosses in the main event. You can earn cash and gold, collect new wrestlers and make it from level to level, and even prestige to start back over again with more boosts to fight for infinite power and money. Read one for some tips and tricks for WWE Tap Mania!

Cash comes pretty quickly in this game at first, although it slows down a bit later on. To speed up that cash flow, tap on the icon that says FREE with a picture of the cash icon, and you will bring up an ad video. Once the video finishes, then you will get two hours of 3x cash. You can re-up this as many times as you want as long as you have ads left over for the day.

Watch the bar above your characters to see when the next multiplier will come. The multipliers are when you’ll get your biggest boosts in damage per second (DPS), or in tap power for your main hero. Once you unlock the next round of DPS boosts, this should get you through a few rounds until you need to start grinding for the next one again.

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Once you hit level 100, you will be able to do your first prestige. After that, you’ll be able to prestige whenever you want to, but generally, you should hold off as long as possible or until you’re having a hard time making any actual progress on the stages. The longer you wait, the more perk points you can get and the more goodies you can purchase.

While it may seem a obvious tip, tap with as many fingers as you can to do the most damage possible. Don’t tap at the exact same time with multiples, but use as you can get away with because the game will read almost every tap you can manage to make, which will make it FAR easier to defeat bosses.

Another thing for tough bosses is to wait to use all of your characters’ signature skills until the main event.