X-Hero: Idle Avengers – Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategies

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X-Hero: Idle Avengers is the new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This is similar to many of the idle RPG titles out there, except with unique, comic book-esque graphics. You can build a giant team of heroes, play in many different game modes, collect diamonds and other premium currencies, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for X-Hero: Idle Avengers!

Always be looking for ways to improve your team. Go to the heroes area, then upgrade and eve all of your heroes as often as possible. Do this after most of the missions that you deal, because as you complete levels, you get more gold and more hero experience.

Additionally, always be looking for ways to get rarer Heroes on your team; namely, the epic and mythic tapes, and the ones with the letter ratings of S and S+. Occasionally, you can get these using the common summon scrolls, but more often than not, it’s the rare summon scrolls that will give you the best chance of acquiring these rare heroes.

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The hero shards are an even better way of picking up the ultra rare types. If you combine 50 of the same hero shard together, you will unlock the hero, and often, these heroes have the super high letter grades.

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Awakening your heroes is one of the best methods to upgrade them to the point where more common heroes can be just as strong, if not stronger than more rare heroes. To awaken a hero, you need to sacrifice three heroes in order to power up one hero. That one hero will then be upgraded to a higher rarity level, from rare to excellent to epic to Mythic. Mythic+5 is the highest possible rarity tier.

To finish battles faster, start putting each battle on 2X speed as soon as you can. A little later on, you will also unlock the ability to skip a battle and find out instantly who the winner was. Use this to plow through the game at high speeds.

Be sure to participate in every limited time event that pops up. These events often have the rarest and best rewards, including limited edition heroes and premium currency, such as diamonds. Participate as often as possible, before the events go away.

Collect every single reward that you earn, such as login rewards, quest rewards, and rewards that you find in the mail. It’s easy to go through chunks of the game without collecting these rewards, but once you get into tougher portions of the game, you will need these.

You will also unlock additional game modes and competitions as you progress through the game, game levels, and beat missions. While the campaign mode remains the heart of single player game play, play through all of these new game modes to earn the largest upgrades possible, as well as to make the game more interesting. Don’t just go to the homepage, but go to space also, because so many other game modes are in that area.

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