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X-HERO – Rare Hero Guide: How to get S, S+, Mythic, Epic, and Excellent Heroes

X-HERO is a mobile superhero RPG that allows you to build an extremely powerful team of heroes using many different methods. You can get heroes of all classes, rarity tiers, and letter grades.

The most powerful heroes in the game are the S and S+ heroes, and the heroes from the excellent, mythic, or epic rarity categories.

Read on for a guide on how to get the most rare in the most powerful heroes in X-HERO!

The first key to getting the rarest heroes is doing a lot of summoning. Quantity, in this case, is sometimes even better than quality, or is equivalent. You’re going to get a lot of summoning scrolls as bonuses, so save them up and use them to get tons of heroes.

Once you have enough heroes, be sure to go to the tower of awakening, where are you can awaken a hero. Awakening a hero allows you to increase their rarity by sacrificing three other heroes to upgrade them. This allows you to upgrade characters from excellent to epic to mythic, etc. The highest upgrade level for a hero is mythic+5.

Letter grades, however, are assigned to each individual type of character permanently, and cannot be upgraded. Let her grades range from B to A to S to S+. S+, of course, is the rarest hero of all.

Dark summons, along with other types of special Simmons, are some of the best ways of earning Heroes in the S and S+ categories. These summon scrolls tend to cost a lot of diamonds, or to cost real life money to purchase, so it’s fairly rare to be able to do these summons.

Be sure to participate in every single special event that you possibly can, whenever you get the chance. Events tend to have some of the rarest and most valuable prizes and heroes in the entire game, and usually, these events are limited time only. This means that if you don’t participate then when you get a chance, you will lose out on that chance altogether.

Once you get to the point in the game where you can decompose heroes, you will be able to earn a new currency called blood frazil. Blood frazil can be used to purchase hero shards, rare summoning scrolls, and other goodies. Once you get enough hero shards, you will be able to turn them into a brand new hero.

As a matter of fact, hero shards are not only a far better way of earning a hero with a letter grade of S or S+ Then any other method of finding new heroes, but specific hero shards allow you to earn a specific hero as well, as opposed to just a random mirror. Earn hero shards in every possible way for the best chance at getting one of these heroes.

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General hero shards allow you to earn a random hero of a specific letter grade, and they are a little bit more common than specific hero shards, so keep this in mind, but overall, earn as many shards as you can.

If you are at a VIP level higher than zero, then that brings you additional ways to earn extremely rare heroes. You can collect VIP points every day even if you are not a paying player, so be sure to go to the VIP screen every day in order to collect them.


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