Xeno Quest – The Ultimate Tips, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Xeno Quest is a new MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms and is, sadly, not related to Xenogears or Xenosaga. It’s one of the first of its genre on these platforms to run on an advanced 3D engine, meaning that it has some of the best graphics around, unlike some other MMOs (especially Dragon Bane Elite with its comic-sans font). Read on for some tips and tricks for Xeno Quest!

Being that this game is so graphically advanced, if you are playing on anything older than an iPhone 5S, you might end up experiencing significant slowdown. If this happens, go and mess with the graphics in the options menu. You can change the quality as well as the number of other players that show up in the main world. That one in particular is just good for getting rid of annoyances, too.

Your main goal should be to find equipment to fill all six of your equipment slots, and then to enhance the equipment as far as you can. If you have a lot of gold, hit auto-enhance and not only will your equipment automatically be enhanced to the highest power level, the enhance mode will scroll through everybody’s equipment and every difference piece of equipment before finally stopping.

Hit the barracks often to see if any new heroes have been added. Then hit the barracks to see if the heroes are ready yet for you to recruit them. As soon as you recruit a new hero, fill them up with equipment and do the auto-enhance all over again, then go to the formation area to add them to your battle formation, and your defensive formation.

Finish battles quickly by tapping the “view results” button every time. However, when you hit a tough battle, watch the whole thing to see what you need to improve.

The arena is unlocked later in the game, and whenever you go to the arena and battle, you will either increase or drop in rank depending on whether you win or lose, and how many wins and losses you have (or how many trophies). The higher your trophies, the bigger your bonuses will be.

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