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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

Other spell cards, and trap cards, tend to cater towards more specific situations, and knowing when to use them properly requires practice unless you’re an old-school Yu-Gi-Oh player, but used right, they can put your opponent in a terrible situation. Block Attack and Stop Defense are examples of this. In addition, specific rare monster summons will allow you to summon even more monsters, which will speed up the fight and decrease the amount of time that it will take to tribute summon a level 5-8 card, such as a Blue Eyes White Dragon.

In the settings, you can enable a number of ways to speed up the game. One is to shut off the dialog in the middle of the battle, as well as to shut off the animation of your signature card (I.E. Blue Eyes White Dragon for Seto Kaiba). You can also have the game give you pop up notifications whenever you have a series of cards on the board that can be chained, to ensure that you don’t miss any chain combo opportunities. Plus, when fighting against computer-controlled card players, you can set auto-dueling and let the battle play itself out. Battles from level 1-20 tend to be very easy.

It’s hard to test deck strategies against the computer-controlled duelists, though, due to how easy it is to defeat all of them. Luckily, there are multiple versions of PvP mode that allow you to test out deck strategies. Hit the casual duels to battle against other players without putting your rank at risk. If you have added friends in the game, hit the friend duels to battle against them. Or watch Duel Replays for strategy ideas from replays of other players’ battles.

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A far better option than auto-setting a deck is to copy another deck that you like, but this option is not clearly talked about. Go to the card studio, then scroll down to the Deck Board option. You can look through other player’s decks, and if you like a specific deck that you see, you can copy it. Once you delete all of the cards that you don’t own, then replace them with your own cards of your choice, you will be able to use the deck in a battle.

The duel school is a great place to learn the ins and outs of dueling, especially if it has been a long time since you have played Yu-Gi-Oh or have seen the anime. You can earn orbs in exchange for completing levels at the duel school, and levels are extremely easy to complete. If you want to learn more quickly, though, go to the Help button at the bottom of the Duel School menu and you will be able to read a detailed explainer of every little detail about this game, including the finer points of battling.

Once you make it to Stage 7 Missions, you will see the Card Trader pop up in the shop area. Here you will be able to buy cards unavailable elsewhere in the store in exchange for your gold coins and for other elemental items that you earn from dueling. Always check back with the Card Trader to see what new cards pop up that you can purchase.

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