Yummy Mania Guide: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Yummy Mania is a new match three game for the iPad, iPhone and Android. You play in a fantasy world that reminds one of Candy Land on steroids, matching three or more of various deserts at a time in order to fill orders and make matches. Your goal is to fill the order in the allotted moves given, within the ever-changing perimeters of whatever the level that you’re on, while collecting strawberries and crystals as currency. Read on for some tips and tricks for Yummy Mania!

The gameplay in this game is similar to Farm Heroes Saga in that you have to break a certain number of various pieces in order to fill the requested order. If you make a match, even if it is not part of your order, all of the pieces on either side of it will gain a multiplier next to them. A piece with a multiplier is worth more than one when you clear it (for example, a six multiplier will cause a piece to be worth six when you clear it).

You have a maximum of five lives in this game, and if you lose all of your lives you can ask your Facebook friends for more, as well as send lives to them when they need it. If you want a full refill right away, though, go to the date and time settings on your phone and set them ahead by however much time you need in order to refill all of your hearts.

Once you finish doing this, and you go back to the game to verify your free lives, go back to the date and time settings. Next, go ahead and set the time back to normal on your phone or tablet. Now go back to the game and you will notice that your free lives are still there and haven’t gone anywhere. This cheat can be done as many times as you want to.

If you make any purchase of Crystals, you get an extra bonus of 30 crystals, the game will go ad free for good, you will get one extra maximum life and you will get five free cake shovel boosters. Scroll past all of the purchase choices and there will be a 99-cent purchase (or a different price for players from countries other than the USA, but still the cheapest one). Buy this one if all that you are after is the bonuses.

Clearing four pieces will knock out all of the pieces in that specific line. Clearing five pieces in an L, a T or a + shape will knock out all of the pieces in one row and one column centered in the square that you dragged your finger to. Clearing five pieces out in a straight line, on the other hand, will knock out all of the pieces of the same color as the ones in your combo.

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