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Z Fighters: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Z Fighters is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that fans of Dragon Ball Z would love. While this is by no means an official title, the graphics are polished and the English translation is even convincing. You get to unlock all of your favorite characters from the seires in this game, from Kid Gohan to King Kai and Frieza, and all of the myriad of others. Read on for some tips and tricks for Z Fighters!

You unlock characters in a somewhat linear fashion, but you can upgrade them very easily. First, get more weapons, armor and accessories, and then give it to your team members. Then upgrade the equipment as high as you can, and since there is hardly any limit on how far you can take it, you can do a TON of upgrades. Rarer equipment responds better to upgrades.

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Upgrading a character themselves is done in mostly indirect ways. You can sacrifice souls to increase the attack, speed, health or defense of the entire party, or you can use training potions to exchange one stat for another stat (which stat is exchanged depends on the character). Or if you get enough of a character’s souls, you can upgrade that character.

Battle happens automatically, but what you do in the background and while you’re not fighting will affect the outcome of any battle that you engage in. Aside from the equipment upgrades, you can equip new skills on characters, and use skill merging to sacrifice unwanted skills to power up skills that you actually want to keep. The more skills that each character has, the better as well.

Take on new challenges if you get sick of battling the main storyline. You can fight against other players in the arena, or take on various challenges, both against the CPU and PvP, in trials mode. Or in the single player questing modes, you can take it to hard mode once you’re advanced enough to beat really tough versions of the same old enemies from the earlier storylines.

If you are going to buy the premium currency, be sure to buy one of the specials so that you can top up and get a ton of extra rewards. In general, though, you do not need to purchase any currency in order to get a lot of play out of this game. This is not a pay-to-win game.