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ZAGA – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

ZAGA is a new game by the makers of Smove, Simple Machines, for the iOS and Android platforms. You control two rushing lasers concurrently, and by tapping the screen you can change their direction, and you can collect orbs which can really rack up the point total. Read on for some tips and tricks for ZAGA for the iOS and Android platforms!

Your number one goal in the game, of course, is survival, but above and beyond that, what you really want to do to increase the point total is to collect consecutive orbs. The orbs have to be the same color as the laser or else you won’t collect them, so be sure to bounce your lasers in the right direction. The more consecutive orbs, the more points you’ll earn and the higher your multipliers will go.

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One way to make the game a little bit easier, especially for veterans of games such as Flappy Bird and other side scrollers, is to turn the phone sideways to effectively turn ZAGA into a side-scroller as well. It will potentially make it much easier to focus on sending your orbs in the right direction and on staying alive for a long time.

Orbs are also collected as currency, but they are collected one at a time. You can purchase more different themes with orbs, but it takes awhile to rack up enough orbs to be able to use to purchase themes. Each one costs 2,200 orbs. Once they start adding ways to earn more orbs (such as missions, or ad videos) into the game, it will be much easier to collect them.

The obstacles will almost always be the same from one side to the other, as every stage, no matter how randomized, is almost completely symmetrical. As such, generally you only have to look at one side of the screen at a time in order to know whether or not you are going to hit a wall or an obstacle.

Only later on in the level, around the time you hit 3,000 points or so, will the asymmetrical obstacles begin to appear. At this point you will have to start putting a whole lot more concentration into the whole thing. Do it right, though, and you’ll pass the asymmetrical areas (they tend to be pretty short) and have a whole lot more opportunities to score big points.