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ZigZag – Top 10 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

ZigZag is one of the latest of the nearly endless series of 5-second gameplay games published by mobile mini-mogul Ketchapp, which has become the head purveyor of games that contain that secret sauce that made Flappy Bird so popular. This one puts you in control of a marble and sends you zigging and zagging back and forth across a difficult set of catwalks for as long as you can, allowing you to collect crystals along the way. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for ZigZag by Ketchapp!

10) Be sure to collect more crystals so that you can buy more marbles.
In the second update to this game, a store was finally added to the game. You can collect crystals and then spend them in the store later. Each crystal that you collect is worth one, so collect 100 and you will be able to buy a new marble. Every new marble in this game costs 100 crystals so you don’t really have to save for too long.

9) How to earn more points in each round:
There are two ways to earn more points. One of them is simply to zig zag back and forth as much as possible, as each time tapping the screen to change directions will earn you a point, so change directions as much as possible in order to make it easy to gain a lot of point. The other way, of course, is collecting crystals, which are worth two points apiece.

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8) Try to slow down the app intentionally in order to make it easier to score points.
There is more than one way to do this. One way to slow down the game is to start it with a bunch of other apps open, while the other is to open another app, let game center try to load but don’t let it load all the way, and then immediately switch back and start a round. More than likely, the game will have slowed down by then.

7) Don’t go to the sides of the aisle rows when you are rolling down the aisle.
Not only does going straight down the sides of the aisle pose more risk of accidentally rolling off of the stage, but it also makes it so that you’ll roll right by the crystals instead of collecting them, causing your score to not be as high as it should be. Roll down the center of the aisle to get the best scores that you can.

6) Turn on the Zoom function on your phone in order to see the stage better.
Mainly do this if you have an iPhone, but if you have an Android, do the equivalent. Turn the zoom on, then play the game with the camera centered on the top middle. This will make it just a bit easier to see what is coming next on the stage.
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