Zombie Farm Battles Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Zombie Farm Battles is a new card battling spinoff of the Zombie Farm series. This game dispenses entirely with the farming element of the game, instead creating a card collection element in which you (and everybody else) have a deck of up to six zombie cards. You and other players battle against each other and against the villains in the quests as you try to “free” farms, circuses and other regions from the humans. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Farm Battles!

Friend tokens will help you to get more card packs. To maximize them, first, add more friends. Then, greet all of your friends once per day. Then, fight a battle against all of your friends once per day. No matter whether you win or lose the battle, you will earn friend tokens. You’ll also earn them each time that you fight against an event villain, whether you win or lose.

Enhancing zombies by sacrificing other zombies is a great way to level up their strength, but focus first and foremost on leveling up your three star and four star zombies, using your one star zombies as the sacrifices.

Speed up the battles by putting the zombie with the highest attack power in the front. When it takes one hit to kill any of the villains, your battles will go by FAR more quickly. For the tougher villains, do the same thing, but they won’t kill the tough enemies in one hit, so make sure to back them up with high-life cards.

Go back through levels that you have already beaten, and you can find both new treasures and new cards that you didn’t find the first time. At the level select screen, it will show three card slots. The ones that you haven’t found in the stage yet will be blank.

The battle screen shows how many hit points the other players have, as well as how much attack power that they have. Total up your hit points and attack power, and only battle against those that have less than you. You’ll beat them every time (or almost every time, if the ratings are close). Ignore the players who are stronger than you.

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