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Zombie Gunship Survival – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Zombie Gunship Survival is the sequel to the innovative but under appreciated 2012 mobile game Zombie Gunship, where your goal is to protect troops against zombies using all of the firepower that an AC-130 can muster. This game takes that concept, brings vastly improved graphics, base-building for zombie defense, and resources and gold that you can use for all manner of upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Gunship Survival!

Each time that you go on a mission, you can set both your loadout and a choice of what troops to take. Your troops can contribute plenty to their own self-defense, so it’s important to upgrade them and take the most powerful ones with you that you can. Long-range troops in particular, such as snipers, can be very useful with the right deployment strategy.

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Deploy your troops far away from any zombie danger. Don’t put them close to zombie spawn points as that’s just asking for instant death. Instead, place them far away, then use your plane’s firepower to look ahead and take out the zombie nests. Take out any barriers that you can too, so that you don’t have to waste firepower on them when your troops are swarmed by zombies.

Keep an eye on the timer when you’re on a raid, or when you’re on defense. Your goal is to keep your troops alive until the timer runs out, at which point the helicopter will swoop in and remove everyone from danger. You don’t have to destroy every single zombie that’s coming for your troops – just enough to keep your troops safe until this point.

If you overheat any of your guns during a battle, you’re going to be forced to quit shooting for awhile until the gun cools down. Manage the temperature by firing gradually, even rapid-tapping the fire button as needed, and by switching guns around. You can manage a massive amount of firepower when shooting off three cannons at the same time.

Keep scrapping any weapons that you don’t need, and then use the scrap to upgrade the ones that you do need. The more powerful your troops’ weapons, the shorter work that they will make of zombies and the less likely that they will be killed. Keep your AC-130’s weapons upgraded as well and scrap what you don’t need.