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Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki is a new Final Fight-style beat-em-up starring Kiki, the superhero who sets out to rescue other superheroes from a neverending horde of zombies. You can fight to collect orbs and coins, upgrade your abilities and level up, and take on tougher and tougher zombies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki!

You can hit multiple enemies at once with most of your combos, so to kill them as quickly as possible, run circles around them and herd them into a close space. Then use your combo attacks to hit all of them at once. Certain combos, such as the Dragon Slash, have a larger range than others, thus making it much easier to deliver a good hit.

You can make unofficial combos by switching attacks mid-combo, then finishing the combo off to make a combo that gives you more than four hits. For example, you can punch three times, kick two times, punch two times and then kick two times again to parlay five extra hits into a Dragon Slash finisher. The moves will hit just as quickly per attack, allowing you to do more damage and rack up a higher combo.

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You have to manually collect orbs after they appear, and they disappear quickly. Once you start dealing with stronger zombies, the orbs will grow larger and will be worth more. Go for the bigger orbs first and the smaller orbs after that, so that you can maximize the amount of orbs that you gain per level.

If you get stuck on a hard stage, go back one or two stages to a level that you have already beaten, and beat it again, collecting all of the necessary orbs to level up your character. Do this until you have enough to improve either his health, his attack power or his defense (or all three of them) and then purchase the upgrades that you need. Or just do it for the experience points, since leveling up Zombie Hero increase all of his stats without requiring you to spend any orbs.

Try to avoid getting hit so that you can keep your combo going for a longer period of time. Your combo will keep going for as long as you can avoid taking a hit, and the higher it is, the bigger that the orbs will be. Once you get hit by a zombie, the combo will reset.