Skip to Content Potato Shooting 🧟πŸ₯”πŸ”« – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide Potato Shooting is a massively popular survival shoot-em-up game for the iOS and Android platforms where you deal with endless hordes and mobs of zombies and bosses. you can earn banknotes and diamonds, as well as rare equipment and other currencies and upgrades. There are also countless different game modes that you can play, along with the ability to add friends and exchange gift, as well as Jean spicing and numerous other ways to upgrade your potato and your other heroes.

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In the battles themselves, every time that you gain a level, you can add a new weapon or upgrade one that you already have. The game will typically tell you which one it recommends, an early on you can go by the recommended one, but as you continue forward into the game, You might have to go away from the recommendations in order to pick the weapon that best fits your style.

In addition to being able to add weapons, you can also add boost, which are passive upgrades to improve your power, health, speed, or other attributes. Many of these passive upgrades also allow you to unlock the ultimate upgrade version of an active weapon, so be sure to match your passive upgrades and your active upgrades accurately in order to get the best attacks possible and the best chance at winning.

In general, you should try to prioritize area damage over single target DPS damage. The massive zombie hordes are much more difficult to survive than the boss battles are; for the boss battles, all that you have to do is run and avoid their attacks while you continue to hit them. For the massive zombie horns, you have to figure out a survival strategy because they are going to get you either way.

Your best bet with the giant hordes is to find a health pack or a magnet and stand next to it. The magnet sucks up all of the experience that you haven’t collected, while the health pack boosts your health. Wait until the last possible moment or the boss battle, whichever comes first, before using them.

Use your diamonds, the keys that you earn at the end of the battle, and other various rewards to open chests and get as many pieces of equipment as you can. Even the common equipment is worth it, because you can combine equipment together in order to increase the rarity, which can eventually turn a common item into an uncommon, then rare, then legendary, then mythical item.

You can also use blueprints and banknotes to level up your equipment, and be sure to level up your equipment to your hearts content. When you get new, more rare equipment, the level boosts will pass onto your new stuff, and will follow the equipment slot, rather than the equipment, so you’ll never have to deal with leveling the same equipment slot twice.

Starting after you beat chapter 2, you will be able to speed up the game using the fast-forward button; this will boost the game to 1.2 speed, which makes it faster but still playable. Starting after you beat chapter 9, and auto battle mode will unlock, Which is extremely useful if you are busy but you want to farm for equipment and experience, as well as banknotes.

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Be sure to participate in as many special events as possible. These special events are the best way to earn exclusive equipment, rare weapons, and even new characters. Participate in these events to the fullest extent that you’re able to.

When it comes to earning free rewards, follow the red “!” that appears next to various icons in the game. This tells you that you have a free reward to get, and while video advertisement rewards fall into the category, most of your rewards will be from completing quests, achievements, and other missions, with no video ads required.