Zombie Island Facebook Guide part 2: New and updated cheats, tricks and strategies

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Zombie Island, by 6Waves Lolapps, is a Facebook game that has been growing rapidly, even after the end of Halloween. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably read part 1 of the Zombie Island strategy guide already, but the developers have updated the game since then, so part 2 of the strategy guide is intended to provide updated tips, tricks and strategies that go with the changes that have been made in the game. In addition, some brand new tips that haven’t been shared yet will be in this guide. Read on for more!

It used to be that when you built a new building in Zombie Island, you would earn all of the experience points in one shot for a single building. However, the algorithm of the game has been changed since then. Now, you earn partial experience points when you initially place the building, equal to 1 experience point per 100 coins spent. This is now the same as what you would earn for decorations. You can still earn a lot of experience points with the old trick – where you rack up coins by farming, buy buildings ordecorations, and then sell them back, and then repeat the process, but experience points will come more slowly now.

To speed up the work that your woodcutter or rock collector zombies can do, after you set them on a job, move their grave site so that it’s right next to the tree that they’re chopping or the rocks that they’re digging. Zombies are slow walkers, and every minute that is spent walking back and forth between the grave site and the tree or rock is wasted time, but if you use the move tool to move their grave site over to where the tree or rock is, you can speed up their work massively.

Even though farming can earn you lots of money quickly by selling your crops, earn even more money by having your zombie cooks turn crops into cuisine. Your most lucrative concoction early on is gold dust (made from rye and corn), which takes an hour to cook and earns over 1,000 coins each.You don’t earn the coins unless you sell the products from the inventory, though.

Sell the extra wood and rocks, too, because you’re not going to need every bit that you collect unless you’re really going crazy building random things. They earn you 200 and 250 coins each.

You also no longer earn one extra brain for every level that you gain. You can only get brains either by renting them, or by burying your friends (friends who also play Zombie Island). To find people who play Zombie Island, check out the Zombie Island Add Me List.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post them as comments!

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