Zombie Island for Facebook: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Zombie Island, by 6waves Lolapps, is one of a new fast growing genre of Zombie games for Facebook. It’s a much different premise than most of them, as it’s designed not for long term, continuous play, but for a daily, routine-oriented, very relaxed game that you can simply go back to and check as part of your daily routine. Read on for more information about Zombie Island!

In Zombie Island, you play as the supervising zombie, and you’re watching over a number of other zomibes who have risen from the dead. Your zombies include a woodcutter zombie, a rock smashing zombie, a cooking zombie, and others. As the supervisor zombie, your work is to ensure that your zombie “employees” can keep working.

To start your zombie on a project, click on a rock or a tree and start the zombie working. When you mouse over the tree or the rock, there will be a pop up telling you how many trees or rocks will be left before your work is done. As each tree gets chopped up or each rock gets smashed, the rock or wood will appear in the specific worker zombie’s yard. Ifthree rocks or three woods build up in their yard, your zombie won’t be able to work, so you need to click on the rocks or the wood to clear them out, and then your zombie will begin working again.

You can also farm, which allows you to grow ingredients. Your cook zombies can combine two ingredients to cook up a specific dish. Each specific dish takes a different amount of time to grow and makes you a certain amountof money, depending on how long the ingredient took to grow and how long the ingredient takes to cook.

You can gain money and experience from treasure boxes that pop up all over your property. Just click them and the treasure will be opened. New ones pop up every day, so keep checking back in order to get closer to gaining levels and money.

Brains are required for each zombie to work. The brains counter will show in the top middle area of the game screen. The number on the left is how many brains are in use, and the number on the right is the number of maximum brains you have available. When the two numbers are equal, you can’t put any more zombies on a task. You can buy or rent more brains using Zombucks, or “bury” your friend on Facebook who also plays the game (your neighbor) to get an extra brain and enable an extra zombie to begin working.

That’s the basics for Zombie Island! Enjoy the game!

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