Zombie Misfits Cheats, Tips and Strategies

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Zombie Misfits is a new desktop defense game from Nexon, the makers of MapleStory Adventures. It’s a Facebook game that uses a side scrolling view similar to MapleStory, but with an entirely different type of gameplay similar to other tower defense games. Instead of setting up towers, you set up various defenders (I.E. Bikers or Troopers) who stay at their posts, shooting or attacking all of the zombies and monsters that come between them and the main building you’re trying to protect. It can be a difficult game, so let these tips and tricks help to make it easier!

When you gain levels, you can unlock all sorts of new power-ups for your defenders and all sorts of new weapons that you yourself can use besides the slingshot, but you don’t automatically get them even when you add skill points. You need to go to the shop and buy them in order to enable them for use.
If you are on a stage that has a lot of flying monsters, always try to get long-range shooters (I.E. troopers) set up towards the top of the stage, close to the building you’re defending. Sometimes, a last minute shot is all it takes in order to bring the monsters down, and if you bring them down close enough to the building that you are defending,you can earn extra bonus points, which lead to more experience points and coins being earned.

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To earn the most experience points and coins in the shortest amount of time, do some level grinding and play on stages that you have already beaten and that you can easily beat, with the hardest difficulty level that you can beat without losing any brains. The more points you earn per stage, the more coins andexperience you can get, and you can earn coins and experience 4x faster, enabling yourself to power up and earn more total stars on new stages faster. Don’t just keep losing at a hard stage over and over – gaining levels, rather than earning new stars, is how you unlock new stages anyways.

That’s the tips for Zombie Misfits? Got more of them? Post them in comments!

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