Zombie Misfits FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

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Brand new tower defense games don’t seem to come along too often on Facebook, but when they do, they’re one of the most addicting types of games you can find on the platform. The newest tower defense game is Zombie Misfits, created by Nexon, who you might know as the team behind the famous MapleStory franchise, including the newest entry, MapleStory Adventures on Facebook. Zombie Misfits is a much different game, though, so if you’re new to the game or you aren’t playing it yet, keep reading for some tips!

Zombie Misfits starts off with you defending your very first building against a horde of zombies. You use not towers but human defenders to fight off the Zombies. The way it works is you place them in the defender spots(marked by a shield), and they do the work of shooting or attacking the zombies for you.

Your first defender is the Trooper, who uses long range shooting attacks, while your second defender is the Biker, who uses short-range clubbing attacks. As you progress forth in the game you will unlock more varieties of defenders, and be able to not only level up your existing defenders, but buy them new upgrades as well.

As you gain experience levels, you earn skill points which you can assign to one of three categories. These are weapons, components, and misc. Each one comes with its own set of enhancements that you can unlock from the shop, but you won’t get these enhancements unless you actually go to the shop and buy them. These include more powerful weapons, the ability to get off more shots in a shorter amount of time, and defensive upgrades.

Each stage that you unlock (building that you defend) has a set of challenges. The way to win is to keep zombies from eating all of the brains inside the building. There’s the regular mission, in which you protect the main building from a set number of zombies. There’s also the endurance mode, where you defend the building as long as possible until all of the brains are eaten. Both of these have four different difficulty levels each. Then there’s four other challenges for each stage as well, such as not allowing one single brain to get eaten, or beating the stage with nothing but troopers. For each challenge, you can score between one and five stars. In all, there are 60 possible stars to earn on each stage.

That’s all for now! Enjoy Zombie Misfits!

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