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Zombie Tsunami for iOS: How to get more coins and brains

Zombie Tsunami is the endless runner equivalent of the zombie apocalypse. You play as the zombies and your goal is to eat as many people, collect as many brains, and collect as many coins as possible. Coins allow you to buy various one time use power ups, as well as to buy permanent upgrades, new backgrounds, and other fun goodies. Brains allow you to earn lottery scratchers, which can earn you even more power ups for free. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to get more coins, of course, is to collect them over the course of play. To make it easier to collect more coins, grow the size of your zombie team by eating more people and by flipping cars, buses and tanks over as you come across them. Time your jumps strategically so that you can earn more coins which are in the air, but time your falls strategically so that you can earn the coins on the ground as well.

You have three missions to complete with every round that you play. For each three missions that you complete, you will earn a coin bonus. The bonus increases with every three missions, so if you put a focus on finishing those, you can consistently earn bonuses worth hundreds or even thousands of coins.

In addition, get as many scratchers as you can by collecting brains. You can either scratch them off for a chance at a gigantic coins bonus, or simply sell them for a guaranteed bonus of a few hundred coins. Lastly, you can also buy coin bonuses in the store, such as “coin bombs”, “coin cars”, or even bonuses which you can buy with real money that allow you to double the amount of coins that you earn per coin that you actually collect in the stage.

To get more brains, eat everybody that you come across. Flip over every vehicle that you can that you come across. Buy the upgrades that allow you to start the stage with more zombies, so that you can immediately flip over the numerous cars that you come across at the beginning of the stage. Get as far into stages as possible. Flip over buses and tanks, especially, because each bus is worth 2 brains, and each tank is worth three brains.


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