Zombiegal Kawaii Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats, Hints and Strategies

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Zombiegal Kawaii is a new shoot em up for the iPhone and iPad, and its name is completely explanatory of what the game is about. The game is very kawaii, complete with anime girls, a bit of innuendo and some strange English, but the Gameplay is an excellent shoot-em-up that can best be described as Final Fight with guns, or Call of Duty: Zombies in 2 1/2 D. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombiegal Kawaii!

When you are fighting a zombie boss or you don’t have too many zombies around, it’s best to stick with the handgun so you don’t use up much ammo. However, when a massive crowd of zombies are on screen, you can save ammo and kill them quickly by switching to the shotgun and using strategy. Run in a wide circle around the screen, leading the zombies on a chase until they are extremely close to each other. Then, open fire and you’ll kill a large number of zombies at a time. Grenades and other forms of explosives are great for mitigating the massive zombie crowd issues before they even happen.

When the going really gets dicey (tons of zombies, especially suicide bomber zombies and police zombies, grab a melee weapon and a grenade or other lobbing explosive. Run and mash the grenade button, blowing up the zombies that pop up rapidly, then turn around and knock off the rest of them with the bat/sword/other melee weapon.

Stamina runs out quickly as you get to the later levels, but you can restore stamina immediately and for free, without having to spend any snowflakes, by setting the time ahead on your phone. Set the time ahead then go back to the game and it will be filled by however much the time lapse is. If you set it back to the correct time afterwards, and then go back to the game, your energy will still remain full.

Use the same time lapse trick to get your daily bonuses early. Shut off the app using the double click home button method, then set the clock ahead by one day, plus a little bit extra if you just opened a daily bonus. Then reopen the app and you will get the next day’s bonus.

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