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Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object is the latest Disney tie-in for the iOS and Android platforms, and it’s a pretty good one. This hidden object game will have you examining crime scenes to collect evidence so that you can take it back to the station, examine the evidence and figure out who the correct suspect in a particular case is. You can collect energy, coins, stars, and all sorts of other goodies as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zootopia Crime Files: Hidden Object!

If you want to master a stage and score all five stars as quickly as possible, play it over and over rather than coming back to it later. When you do this, the items that you have already tapped will be fresh in your mind, so all that you will have to worry about is the items that you haven’t yet tapped. As you play it more, you’ll learn the location of everything and rack up a super high score without having to use any hints.

In levels like that where you are not using hints, always be sure to pick Clawhouser as your partner. If you pick anyone else, they will have to cool down even if you don’t use a hint. Only take the other cops on new levels that you suspect that you will have to use plenty of hints for.

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You can pinch and zoom inward and outward on a level in order to get a closer look at a piece of it. When you do, the words representing the items that are not in your immediate field of view will go faint, while the ones in your field of view will be brighter. Drag the screen around and item words will go faint and bold as they go in and out of your field of view. Use this to easily find items without having to use a hint.

Another way to more easily find an item without having to use a hint is to look for it to shake. Also, tap on the world and hold it down, and the item will load in the bottom menu, then the picture of the item will show up. Keep the picture up by holding down on the screen, and look for the match. Then tap the matching item in the scenario.

If you have a load of extra stars, you can trade them for energy when you run out if you so choose. However, your best bet would be to simply wait for the energy to come back. Special power-ups also recharge your energy, although the time-lapse cheat, which works with many other hidden object games, doesn’t work in this one.