Zynga’s Dream Heights for iPhone: Free Zynga Cash and Tower Codes

Let it be known that the process of building a tall majestic tower can wear you out, even when it is only in the virtual world with Zynga’s Dream Heights. The taller your tower gets the more your progress slows down, and the more difficult it is to get everything done. You need more cash in the game to upgrade elevators and get better items, and you need more neighbors so that you can shop at their towers and get more hearts. Have no fear though, because there is a set of easier ways to get some free cash and to earn some more neighbors, and don’t we all wanna do that? Read on for advice on how to get both!

For free cash, there is some good news and some bad news, first off is the bad news, which is that Zynga has not yet implemented into the game a way to get free cash, such as by taking surveys or completing offers. Thusly, there is not yet an official way to get any free cash.

But the good news comes next. When you are doing the tutorial you are given some free cash in order to complete it, but you don’t have to use the free cash to make things finish faster right then if you don’t want to. Just wait until floor construction finishes on its own and you will be done with the tutorial with some extra cash to boot.

Getting more neighbors is important so that you have more towers to shop at. To make that happen easily, post your tower code in the comments at the bottom of this page so that other players who are reading can add you. Also, go to the app store and find the Dream Heights reviews and ratings page. There is a huge amount of tower codes there.

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