Zynga’s Dream PetHouse: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

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Have you ever wanted to own your own tree house, or even tree city, loaded with pet apartments and fun little attractions for them to go to, and for them to be able to grow from kids to adults to raising pet families? Well, chances are you haven’t even thought of that, unless you have strange dreams, but that is exactly what Dream PetHouse lets you do! If you’re a beginner to Dream PetHouse, read on!

When you first begin playing Dream PetHouse, a squirrel named Chipper (the ones whose face graces the game’s icon in your iPhone menu) will be the one showing you the ropes. After the tutorial is done, though, that is not the last you will see of him. He’ll still be chilling in a cave that’s carved into the trunk of your tree, and when you tap on him, he’ll either give you a tip or make a snarky humorous comment. Just keep clicking him for more and more tips or entertainment.

As you go through the tutorial, you’re introduced to the three main structures you can build in your tree: PetHouses, Playrooms and Bridges. Pethouses are the most important one, as this is where your pets live. When you build a pethouse, you will start off with one baby pet there. Tap the pet (not the pethouse, but the pet itself) and you can feed the pet. As you feed him he grows from a baby to a kid to a teenager to an adult (or in level terms, he levels up from 1, gradually up to level 5). Once he is level 5, tap him and go back to his menu and instead of being given the option to feed him, you have the option to adopt a pet. You can adopt up to 2 for one pet. Each time you level up a pet, the amount of exp and coins you get increases each time you collect on them. Ditto for adopting a pet. Check out the pet albums in the lower left corner menu if you ever miss your baby pets and want to see them as they’ve grown up.

Playrooms are places where all of the pets can go and spend money, which you can collect later on. They can be collected on similarly to pethouses, but unlike pethouses there are no upgrades. Bridges simply allow you to connect different pethouses and playrooms together, so that you can make more money and your pets can be happier.

Pets are fed with fruit, which grows on the tree. Collect each fruit individually by tapping it, or collect it all at once by shaking your phone. You can upgrade to a better fruit package which provides more fruit per collection, as well.

You can visit friends in Dream Pethouse. You can do this either by visiting random friends’ tree houses that the game provides for you, or you can Facebook Connect and visit your Facebook friends who also play the game and are connected, or add people via Facebook connect to check theirs out. When you help someone out in their tree house, you earn fruit as a bonus. Many tree houses equals lots of fruit, which means you can feed and grow your pets much faster.

The other options in the main building menu are Decor, Staff and Expand. Decor is mostly just there to make your pethouse look pretty – no real functional value. Buying more staff allows you to complete pethouses and other structures more quickly. Expand allows you to expand your tree out. Expand towards the flying characters around your tree, and once you reach them you will get a bonus. The other options are purely cosmetic, allowing you to change the color of your tree, or the surrounding environment. The move tool is the one that looks like four arrows, and this allows you to move pethouses and other items around, or store them, or sell them, for when you want to optimize space efficiency or just get rid of something you no longer need.


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