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9 Months (iOS/Android Game): Cheat for Instant Cells, Full Nutrition Bar, and Fast Baby Growth

9 Months is a baby growing simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. It’s a mobile game where you use cells and stamina to upgrade a newly conceived baby, all the way up to the point where the baby is born.

Not only that, but you can continue to grow the baby even after it’s born, and you can make an entire family by adding more babies as siblings for your first one. You can grow all of them using a combination of nutrition and cells.

Read on for a cheat to get unlimited instant cells, grow the baby super fast, and fill up the nutrition bar fast in 9 Months!

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In this game, there are two different types of currencies with two completely different uses. Nutrition is one of the two currencies, and this is used to make the baby grow. Cells are the other currency, and these are used to purchase all of your necessary upgrades.

During the main portion of the game, cells will generate every second, and the nutrition bar will gain nutrition every second as well. Each of the upgrades will allow you to earn more nutrition per second, tap for more cells, increase the capacity of your nutrition bar, and increase the amount of nutrition that you get when you are offline.

If you want to earn cells and fill up the nutrition bar at the exact same time, then the cheat is to go to the date and time menu on your phone or your tablet. Now, set the time I had my however much time you want. You can do one hour, you can do six hours, you can do days, or anything in between.

Once you do that, go back to the game. There is only a limited number of nutrition points that you can have waiting to be spent before the bar is full, but you can get unlimited cells this way, depending on how much time you travel by.

To increase the amount of nutrition that you get for this, spend cells in order to increase the maximum amount of nutrition that the nutrition bar holds. Then do the cheat again, and repeat it as often as you want.

The way to get more cells for using this trick is to make the baby grow. Each time that you hit the grow button, your baby generates more cells per second without you tapping it. This includes the cells that you earn when you are offline.

Be sure to also help your baby grow faster by upgrading the amount of cells that you get per tap on the cell button. You can only get so far with growing the baby if you don’t have the cells to purchase upgrades to the nutrition. This cheat doesn’t help your cell gain much, so you’re going to have to stop every once in a while, tap, upgrade your tap, and earn more cells that way. Then use those cells to upgrade your nutrition bar.

You can do this trick as many times as you want. It takes a really long time to grow the baby in this game. You either have to be playing the game for hours at a time per day, or you have to wait months. So this trick will help you grow the baby much much faster.

In fact, you can do this trick almost endlessly, because you can grow multiple babies and make an entire family. Normally, that would take months and months to do, but with this trick, you can do it a whole lot faster than you otherwise would have.


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