American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a brand new room-defense game for the iOS and Android platforms starring the characters from the show, plus a nearly endless army of Dave clones. Your goal in this game is to build a productive base full of money and food, expand it so that you can accommodate even more clones, and fill it with warrior clones to attack rivals and defend against raids by other players.

You can load up on money, food, golden turds, and more, while fighting to be the strongest player on your server. Plus, you can get extremely far in this game without having to spend any real-life money.

Read on for some tips and tricks for American Dad! Apocalypse Soon!

One thing that everyone wants to know from the get-go is how to get more Roger clones. To get more Rogers, keep playing the campaign missions and wait for them to show up outside of your doorstep. When you see one waiting outside, drag it in and place it in whatever room you want. Also, upgrade your Situation Room to level 2, and you will be able to send two clones into the Cloning Room to reproduce.

Your clones can be sent wherever you can fit them, essentially. The most useful places are the kitchen, the money mint, and Roger’s Place. Send them to the kitchen to produce more food. Send them to the money mint to produce more cash. Send them to Roger’s Place so that they can fight for you.

You can send them to whatever training room you want, depending on A) what training rooms you have, and B) how soon you need them. The fighter training room will be the first one that you build, so send your fighters here to train them, two at a time (or three or four or more at a time, depending on upgrade level).

Next come training cooks, bankers, chargers, carpenters, and radiochemists. Send Roger clones here based on your needs; the ones who work in a specific room, should only go to that room’s training center, so that you get the most bang for your training buck.

You can equip weapons, armor, and jewelry to your Rogers, which isn’t new in the grand scheme of RPG’s or MMO’s, but what is new and unique is that you can equip weapons, armor, and jewelry for reasons other than battle. Some equipment will boost your food per second, cash per second, or other attributes that have nothing to do with fighting. So put them on your production people instead.

There are two ways to get free golden turds, early on in the game. One is to complete achievements (which are inside of the golden medal menu) as soon as you see them. The other is to tap on the random pieces of buried material outside of your rooms (such as the boxes) and remove them. The removal will take time, but once you remove them, you’ll get free golden turds.

If you want to play the game on desktop with your current account, make sure your account is linked via Facebook. Then download American Dad! Apocalypse Soon for Bluestacks and link it up to the same account to continue where you left off. Plus, Bluestacks has a number of other built in guides and tools to help with the game.

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