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BitLife: All of the Highest Paying Jobs and How To Get Them

BitLife: Life Simulator packs an ever-increasing list of jobs into the game. Some of these jobs are extremely obscure, while others are a little more obvious, and many of them require you to spend your entire life working toward said job.

In fact, generally, with very few exceptions, the more lucrative a job that you want, the more work you’re going to have to do to get it. But we have a list of all of the highest-paying jobs and how to earn them.

Read on for the full guide on how to get the highest-paying jobs in BitLife: Life Simulator!

The List of High Paying Jobs

The high paying jobs that are obvious to most people are becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or a business executive. This includes becoming the CEO, the Executive Vice President, and more. Or, if you are in tune with the tech scene, you’ll know that going into the tech industry is also a good way to get paid well.

In many cases, various jobs can exist in the same field. You can be a stockbroker, executive officer, or another job involving big money in the corporate world. You can be a doctor, a veterinarian, a pharmacist, and more in the medical field.

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There are some less obvious ones, too. For example, any job in the entertainment industry can be a high-paying job. For example, you can be a singer, actor, a dancer, or some form of adult entertainer. Or you can be a musician, a director, and more.

You can make it to the top of the heap in the military and become a General or an Admiral. Strangely enough, you can even become a leprechaun, which is one of the highest-paying jobs that you can get.

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The Highest-Education Jobs

The jobs that require you to do a ton of school are doctor, lawyer, and corporate. You want to start preparing for these jobs early on. That means studying as hard as you can all throughout school, working on your intelligence by going to the library constantly, and working hard at your jobs.

It also helps to secure scholarships or college funding from your parents for jobs such as these. If you take out student loans for jobs that require graduate and post-grad degrees, your money will be eaten up for years, possible for your entire life.

You’ll have to choose the right major first. For corporate jobs, business school is where you’re going to want to go. Pre-med and medical school is where you want to go if you want to become a doctor.

To become a lawyer, you have some options. You can go to school for a subject such as math or business, and then follow that up with a law school education. After that, you’re in for a career as a lawyer.

Intelligence matters the most as a doctor or somewhere else in the medical field, compared to the other high-education jobs. Intelligence, hilariously, matters least in the business and corporate world.

Lower-Education Jobs

Some jobs, such as anything tech related (software engineering, etc), and often even corporate jobs, can be acquired simply by getting a bachelor’s degree in the related field. Obviously, anything computer-related is a step in the right direction for entering the tech world.

To become a military officer, it almost doesn’t matter what major you choose. Almost any major can allow you to become an officer in any branch of the military. All you need to do is get a bachelor’s degree first.

No-Education Jobs

Some jobs require only high-school education, or can even require less than that. Jobs in the entertainment industry typically will only pop up if you have no graduated college.

For entertainment-related jobs, most of them require you to be very good looking. If you’re not born with good looks, you can enhance your looks by going to the gym frequently, getting plastic surgery, or even simply aging.

For becoming a leprechaun, which appears VERY sporadically, basically, the only requirement is to have no education and to keep looking at the job listings every year. You might find the job when you’re 18, or when you’re 70. It’s all down to luck.

Seek Promotions and Work Hard

Once you do get the entry level version of the job in the field you’re looking for, do the usual steps that you would do with any job. Work harder at the job, and focus on self-improvement to keep your health, intelligence, looks, and happiness in the green.

In almost every case, continue to do that, and stay loyal to your job, and you’ll find yourself getting promoted and paid more and more money as time goes on.

In other cases, different steps might be required to maximize your income. Leave your job and search for another, better job in the same field. Emigrate if your country is one where your field doesn’t earn as much as you feel they should.

Stay out of trouble. Avoid committing any crimes, don’t do anything stupid like take the mysterious package that you’re offered, or anything like that. Keep your nose clean. If you get addicted, go to rehab. Essentially, live a boring life to make it easier for yourself on the job market.


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